6 March 2012

Window 8 Consumer Perview features.

Window 8 is Microsoft 's new Windows based on Windows 7. Window 8 has many new features like Metro- style interface for touch screen , supports the ARM(advanced RISC machine) processors along with Intel and AMD 's x86 microprocessors. The most recent version of Window 8 is Consumer Preview which release on February 29, 2012. This Consumer Preview version of window 8 is available free for everyone. you can download Consumer Preview Window 8 from here in (.ios) format. 

After installing Window 8 you can't go back to your previous version of window. For that you have to reinstall your Window. So, it is advised that make a recovery before installing Window 8.

Window 8 Consumer Preview.
Hardware Requirements for Window 8 :-

  • Processor of 1 Ghz or more.
  • Ram 1 GB (for 32 bit) and 2 GB (for 64 bit).
  • 16 GB Hard disk space (for 32 bit) and 20 GB (for 64 bit).
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device or more.
Window 8 Consumer Perview features :-

  • Metro style interface designed for touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, and pen input.
  • Works with ARM processors too.
  • Users will be able to sign in Windows using their Windows Live ID. That will synchronize their profile and settings with internet. Their profile and settings will be accessible from other machine too which runs on Window 8 .
  • USB 3.0 support.
  • Two new recovery functions are added to window 8 Refresh and Reset.
  • "Advanced Hibernation Functionality" Which will allow the fast start up time.
  • Window 8 also allow it's user's to directly run window  from bootable USB drive "Window to Go".
  • New authentication methods : Picture password and PIN login.
 That's it. Hope That information will be helpful.

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