21 January 2013

Make your FaceBook Account more Secure

Do you fear of to got your fb account hacked?

Then Here is solution for you which will protect you from Hacking to a large extent. For This you have to enable Secure Browsing of your facebook account. You can also Enable your Login Notifications via email or Text Messages. By Enabling Login Notifications you will get Information regarding your every login through New Device or Unknown or Unsaved device.  So If anyone else will try to login in your account immediately you will be notified about that . So then you take necessary Steps Like changing password or  blocking unknown device etc.

Steps to Enable Secure Browsing and Login Notifications:-

20 December 2012

Create codes for your own facebook chat pics

In the previous posts Special Love Chat pictures codes for facebookSend Pictures in chat in facebook i had told about some codes for sending pics in fb chat. In this post i am going to tell how you can generate your own code for pics of your own choice.

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Steps to create own chat pics code:-

10 December 2012

Make your face book status blue

This trick will make your status blue in color and also make it link which will lead to the person's profile who will click it. So, When your friend will click on your status he/she will lead to his profile page :P

Steps to write status or symbol in blue color :-

30 April 2012

Special Love Chat pictures codes for facebook

In previous post Sending pictures in chat in facebook i gave codes for sending pictures in facebook chat. Now i came with new pictures. These new pictures are based on theme love. you can send these pics to anyone you love.

Special love chat pictures codes for facebook :-

13 March 2012

Send Pictures in chat in facebook

In the previous posts new fb chat smileys, rare facebook chat symbols, cool fb status and comment symbols i had told about rare symbols and smileys for facebook chat and status. In this post i am going to tell about the code for sending pictures in chat.