2 March 2012

Set video as Desktop Background.

For Setting video as desktop background you will need VLC media player. VLC media player is available free. If you don’t have this then you can download it from here.

Steps for setting video as desktop background:-

  1. If you don’t have vlc media player then you download it and install it as you install any other program.
  2. Now open the VLC media player and select Tools-> Preferences.
  3. Then a window will open as shown below. select video from left side column.
  4. Now in output drop down list select DirectX video output and click on save.
  5. Close the VLC player.
  6. Now open the video which you want as desktop background with VLC media player.
  7. Right click on the video playing in VLC media player and select Video-> DirectX Wallpaper.
  8. That’s it!!! Now your video is playing in your desktop’s background.

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