1 March 2012

How to Hide your Drives in Windows.

In this post, I am going to tell you about how to hide drives of your computer. If someone else use your computer and you don’t want that, that person see your particular drive or drives. Then here is a solution for you. By using these simple steps you can hide your particular drive(s).

Steps for Hiding  Drive(s) in Windows:-

  1.  Open the Run or Press Window logo + R, In run type gpedit.msc  .a new dialog box will open like shown below.

  2. Then go to the following path in left hand side column: User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer.
  3. Then go on right hand side and there is an option “Hide These specified drives in My Computer” . Open that option.

  4. Select Enable by default It’s mode is Not Configured.
  5. Select the option accordingly  you want to Hide or restrict the Drive(s).
  6. After okay or Apply your work is complete.Now That particular Drive(s) will not show in your my computer.

You can try other options too in that gpedit.msc Dialog Box.

By using this you can hide all of your drives too. If you want to see them again then you just choose not configure or disable option in 4th step and skip the 5th step.

That’s It!!!

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