1 March 2012

How to download youtube videos.

Youtube is largest video sharing site of world. You can watch, Upload, and share videos on that site. But many of us want to download those videos so we can watch them again even if we have no access to internet at that time. There are a number of methods by which you can download those videos. In This post I am going to tell about downloading videos from youtube. You can download youtube or flash videos using many online sites which provide that service, or softwares or  via browser Extentions.

Online sites for download youtube videos:-






Softwares to download youtube videos:-

Clipnabber:- http://clipnabber.com/

IDM(Internet download Manager):-http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/

Real Player:-   download it from here

Youtube Downloader:- download it from here

You can also add extensions to your browser which directly provide you the download links for the flash videos in the web pages. For Mozilla Firefox You can add Extensions to your browser from Here

That’s all…. So Enjoy the videos….

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