1 March 2012

How to create Backup for your FaceBook Account…

What is the option you have if your facebook account got hacked !!!

One of the options provided by facebook in that case is to make Backup of your account. Here are the simple steps by which you can create Backup of your account and you will be safe even if your account is hacked….

Steps for Facebook Data Backup:-

STEP 1 :-  First of all login into your Facebook account and then click Account Settings.

STEP 2:- Then at the bottom, you will find Download your copy of Facebook data as below.

STEP 3:- Click it, and enter your Facebook account password in the box provided to you.

STEP 4:- Now you will see something like that below-

STEP 5:- Now click on Download Achieve and wait for 1 hour for the Facebook backup data file to be sent to your Email account( In this 1 hour facebook will prepare your all data from the first time when you sign up at Facebook).

STEP 6:- Once you will be emailed with your Backup data from Facebook, click on the link provided in your mail and download it and place at some safe place.

STEP 7:- Complete….

How Backup file will help you :-

If your facebook account hacked and you are not able to got access to it again then:-

create a new account with your same name, date of birth and other such information as on the previous hacked account and then upload your backup data file on Facebook. Note- Backup data file will contain all your updates, pics, videos, comments and other personal information from the date of account creation to the date of creation of backup file.

Now you have everything that is in your hacked account…. Enjoy…

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